AgriPlan's Advisers offer quality rural business and farming advice across the whole of Wales. Our advisers work on a one-to-one basis with clients to achieve effective solutions.

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Sian Bushell

Succession Facilitator, Sian Bushell Associates

Kevin Edwards

Agricultural Adviser, The Farm Consultancy Group

Gareth Jones

Agricultural and Organic Adviser

Becky Jones

KeBek Ltd

Fiona Lanc

Environmental Consultancy, Habitat Matters Ltd

Charlie Morgan

Grassland Adviser, Charlie Morgan GrassMaster Ltd

Ian Oliver

Agronomy Adviser, Powell and Oliver

Keith Owen

Farm Infrastructure Adviser, KeBek Ltd

Nigel Powell

Agronomy Adviser, Powell and Oliver

Elaine Rees

Diversification Adviser, R W Partnership Ltd

Mike Richards

Coed Cymru

Elen Richards

Coed Cymru

Mat Ridley

Coed Cymru

Kieran Tarpey

Chartered Planning Adviser, Entrust Professional Services Ltd

Glenda Thomas

Environmental Adviser, FWAG Cymru