Helen Barnes

Resource Management & Environmental Adviser, and EIP Broker

Helen Barnes is FACTS qualified and undertakes Resource Management plans, producing farm specific nutrient management plans based on soil sampling, nutrient analysis of manures and interpretation. She is also adept at the identification of habitats, and the production of plans for their optimal management. She has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of agri-environment schemes and was previously the Deputy Operational Director of FWAG Cymru, providing advice on all aspects of environmentally positive land management.
Helen has a lot of experience of working with groups and as an EIP (European Innovation Partnership) broker helps small collectives of farmers access funding to try out innovative ideas. Helen is also a SMS Facilitator.


Helen Barnes

Tel: 01597 811401

Mobile: 07845 973469



Environmental Consultancy, Nutrient Management, Pollution, Resource Management, Waste Management