Elaine Rees

Diversification Adviser

Elaine advises on skills and training within agricultural businesses, focussing on livestock, food and the environment. She has worked for the Welsh Assembly assisting agricultural and food businesses apply for financial assistance towards adding value to their produce. This has involved creating business plans, budgets and financial forecasts. She works with Reading University/Royal Veterinary College looking at cost of production and on beef farms, and also works for Livestock Marketing Ltd looking at cost of production on sheep farms.

Elaine is a Welsh speaker, with a background in Welsh farming. She has previously worked as a Farming Connect Facilitator as a training manager, delivering and co-ordinating training courses. She was also Shropshire County Commodity Co-ordinator for the NFU, co-ordinating County Commodity meetings in the sectors of dairy, livestock and combinable crops.


R W Partnership Ltd
Cappele, Cwmpenanner
LL21 0SB

Mobile: 07968 981332



Diversification, Food Added Value