Chris Duller

Grassland Adviser

Chris Duller is an independent consultant specialising in delivering soil and grassland management advice across all of the livestock sectors.

He has a thorough knowledge of the latest grassland research across all livestock sectors; has specialist knowledge of soils and soil nutrient management and of managing grazing systems and forage crops. He has practical knowledge of managing different grassland systems for both production and environmental goals and the taxonomy of both grassland and arable species. He is experienced in designing and implementing on-farm research and demonstration projects. Chris is able to deliver one-to-one advice on-farm across all livestock sectors.

Before becoming an independent consultant Chris worked as an extension officer for Dairy Co and a scientific officer for IGER, Aberystwyth.


Tangro, Ysbyty Ystwyth, Ystrad Meurig
SY25 6DG

Tel: 01974 282536

Mobile: 07972 826036



Grassland Consultancy, Nutrient Management, Resource Management, Training