Charlie Morgan

Grassland Adviser

Charlie Morgan is a grassland consultant and is currently Secretary of the Federation of Welsh Grassland Societies. He has many farming clients and also delivers information and training on behalf of environmental organisations such as the Environment Agency. He has supplied training events to lamb producers, farmers and Soil Association inspectors. During early 2011 season he provided training under the banner of Dow Agro-Sciences to eight leading Grassland Societies across the UK. He has worked with Innovis and Aberystwyth University (IBERS) as the Grassland Consultant for the AberDale Ewe marketed by Innovis Ltd. During 2010-11 he has delivered on behalf of HCC, SAC, ADAS, Dairy Co and Swedish Sheep Producers.


Charlie Morgan GrassMaster Ltd

Tel: 01497 847 689



Grassland Consultancy, Resource Management, Training