Becky Jones

Environmental Pollution Consultant

Rebecca Jones is an Environment Consultant and a Director of KeBeK Ltd.  Rebecca has delivered rural environmental advisory service for agricultural pollution risk assessments, pollution prevention and anti-pollution design for over 30 years.  Committed to improving water quality in Wales, Rebecca works with many landowners and key businesses across the region, to design and drive action to improve the environment. 
Rebecca has undertaken advisory consultancy roles for RSK ADAS and AEA Technology, and a regulatory role for the Environment Agency and its predecessors National Rivers Authority.  Rebecca’s areas of expertise are water quality, regulatory & environmental permit compliance, resource efficiency, waste minimisation and payment for ecosystem services (PES).  A comprehensive understanding of water and waste legislation, along with other environmental statutory frameworks, enables Rebecca to manage resource efficiency programmes for a range of clients. 

Specialisms: Water Pollution, Water management, Waste management


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Pollution, Waste Management